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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Reese Witherspoon Lists

With Wild hitting theaters today and Inherent Vice coming in a few weeks, it promises to be a big year for Reese Witherspoon. Over the last 23 years, she's gone from promising child actor, to a bona fide superstar with an Academy Award and a Golden Globe to her credit. Both Chris and I have grown up on her films and now we pay tribute with . . .

The Reese Witherspoon Lists

Dan's List

5. Freeway

Reese Witherspoon as a complete badass?
Yes, please.
This movie is all kinds of screwed up and only played on nine screens in 1996.
However, Reese showed her range and proved to me this thing shouldn't be forgotten completely.

4. Cruel Intentions

I straight up love Cruel Intentions and I don't care who knows it.
The cast is an all-star team of late 90s/early 00s hotties and is full of  um, "classic" scenes.
Plus, The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" and Counting Crow's "Colorblind".
I used to write "I'll Always Be At The Top Of The Escalator" in my AIM profile and it was gold.

3. Legally Blonde

As I tried explaining to Chris, you cannot have this list without Elle Woods.
I'm not saying it's the greatest film ever made, but it's better than 99% of crap aimed at teenage girls.
This movie was basically played on a loop in girls' dorms in college.
If you don't know about "Bend and Snap!" or "Like On Vaycay?", I don't need ya.
It also spawned an empire with a super successful sequel and Broadway show.

2. Walk The Line

Johnny Cash is one of my Top 5 favorite musical artists and one of the coolest humans to ever live.
I've read his biography at least four times.
"Jackson" was the first dance song for my wedding.
So believe me when I say that Reese was perfect as Johnny's true love, June Carter.
She won an Oscar and Golden Globe for her work and sang her way into our hearts, just like June.

1. Election

I can't think of many movies that made me laugh harder than Election.
Spunky, over achieving Tracy Flick will go do in film history and deservedly so.
It would have been a great role for any actress, but Reese was just perfect for it:
The smile, the voice and the ability to switch from innocent to devastating in a second.
Reese can truly do it all.
I guess that's how come she stays number one.

Honorable Mention
The Man In The Moon-- A young girl learns about life, love and tractor safety.
Fear-- Note: stay away from leering guys with perfect abs.

Chris's List 

5 - Cruel Intentions

Probably the first R-Rated movie I ever saw in theaters unaccompanied by an adult (either this, or Varsity Blues, I can't remember). So it will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason alone. But it is also a ridiculously fun, guilty-pleasure movie and one of the best of the late '90s, MTV-styled teen flicks.

4 - Pleasantville

Wildly imaginative, a bit on-the-nose, but still a thoughtful, well executed movie.  
Part of a string of late 90s movies that put Reese on the A-list. 

3 - Walk the Line

Reese's big Oscar win, and deservedly so.
In a movie dominated by Joaquin Phoenix's Johnny Cash, she stole the show as June Carter.
And I'm a sucker for girls with southern accents.

2 -  Mud

Despite Reese's relatively small role in this terrific indie film, she makes a big impact.
It is easy to see why Matthew McConaughey's titular character is so desperate to get back to her.

1 - Election

Dan is right: a young, spunky Reese Witherspoon was made for this role. Tom Perrotta's story, Alexander Payne's direction, and some great performances (Reese, Matthew Broderick, and even Chris Klein) combine to make a hilariously sharp and witty film.

Honorable Mention 
American Psycho- Even though she's only in it for like 3 minutes . . .
Freeway- Dan and I had to watch it in a film class and both fell in love it with it.

And I have to include this picture because it makes me laugh obnoxiously, every time:

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