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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we have one, major new release to discuss.
Why not have the master, Mr. Roger Ebert, join the conversation?

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK was an important, incredible film.
I didn't go see it until after the Oscars and sadly, I delayed myself a great experience.
My favorite film of 2012 was MOONRISE KINGDOM.
PLAYBOOK is a close second, but probably the superior film, because of it's poignant content.
It spoke deeply to the issues of current mental health and health care with no condescension.
It was real talk and it was powerful.

The performances were great and I am shocked that only Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar.
I really enjoyed Bradley Cooper, Jackie Weaver, a still-funny Chris Tucker and Robert De Niro.
The De Niro performance was like the time I saw Michael Jordan score 39 points at 39 years old.
He wasn't as great as he once was, but he could still blow you away. 

Mr. Ebert certainly enjoyed De Niro and the film, he gave it 3.5 out of 4.
Read his full review here, on his amazing new site.
Here's a small sample of The King, doin' work:

"I love actors. I've been on an almost lifelong journey with Robert De Niro, and feel intimately familiar with him as an actor (not as a person). Here his work unobtrusively charmed my socks off. He's harmlessly obsessed with the Eagles, gratefully in love with his wife and cluelessly supportive of his son, who he doesn't realize is an apple who has fallen very close to the tree."

If it's good enough for Roger and Me, go ahead and pick it up.

Friday, April 26, 2013

SCREAM, aka My Favorite Movie, to Become MTV Television Series (insert groan here)

When Dan and I (Chris) started this blog, we outlined a few loose guidelines about what we would write about and what we wouldn’t. For instance, we both agreed to keep North/South Film strictly film-focused, i.e. no television. Well, I am both reluctant and thrilled to break the rules (which, according to Scream, will most assuredly get me killed) by discussing a bit of TV news that broke yesterday evening.

The big news out of Hollywood is that MTV (ugh, don't get me started) is currently developing a weekly TV series based on the popular Scream film franchise. Apparently it has been under consideration for at least a year, but finally given the full go ahead this week. MTV has given the greenlight for a "pilot" to be made (in talks to be directed by horror master Wes Craven). The show could possibly hit television screens by next summer if it is deemed even remotely decent - by MTV standards at least (and since I watch absolutely nothing on the network anymore, I have no idea what that could mean - probably not good).

 If you don't know what a "pilot" is, let Jules Winnfield explain it to you

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A couple of new, good-looking, Blu-Rays hit shelves today:

GANGSTER SQUAD was one of my most anticipated releases of 2012 (it was delayed until 2013).
Emma Stone, Josh Brolin and our boy, Ryan Gosling!
How could it not work???
Enter, Sean Penn.
When I saw the trailer, I almost cried.

They let Penn go completely over-the-top, again (I'm looking at you, ALL THE KING'S MEN).
Gone is the subtle cool of his younger self.
If you haven't seen BAD BOYS (not the Will Smith one), watch it, directly.
Now Penn can't just be in a movie, he has to dominate it, even to the detriment of the film.
For a guy who hates the attention, he certainly loves the spotlight.
Oh well, give SQUAD a watch, but don't expect L.A. CONFIDENTIAL.

Well, Chris didn't like JURASSIC PARK 3D, but the column is called Dan's Discs for a reason.
I saw JURASSIC PARK on opening day in 1993 and was completely blown away.
If you know a better movie for an eight year old, I'd be shocked.
PARK is a transcendent film, both in terms of story and process.
There is no doubt in my mind that it's a Top 5 Spielberg Feature.

I thought the 3D was incredible and it's the best Post-Production 3D Film I've seen.
It was timed perfectly the news about Burlington local, Colin Trevorrow helming JP4. 
I know you probably don't have a 3D TV, neither do I, but the Blu-Ray will still thrill you.
You will jump when the Dilophosaurus goes off, I guarantee it.
It's fun to be eight again.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Best of 2000-NOW: THE FINAL TWO

Dan (The North) here:

It has been a long, wild ride.
In March, we started with 64 Films in our Tournament to determine the Best Film of 2000-Now.
Read Part I of the Round 1 Recap here.
Read Part II of the Round 1 Recap here.
Read the 32 to 16 Recap here.
Read the 16 to 8 Recap here.
Read the 8-4 Recap here.

There have been upsets, fierce battles, blowout victories and some feelings have gotten hurt.
It was a bracket full of big name directors, top talents, Oscar winning pictures and performances. 
We had 13 years worth of great films.
Two have survived to play for the title of Best Film Since 2000.

In the First Final 4 Match-Up:


REQUIEM is very good (thoughts here) , but it couldn't top BASTERDS.
I've seen BASTERDS about 15 times now, and I really do like it more, every time I watch.
It may not be the best Quentin Tarantino film, but it is his epic.
The first sequence is a rocket taking off, and the rest is a journey through the Tarantino Universe.
We get the fast, witty dialogue, the great casting and boy, do we the wild characters.
Col. Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) makes Marsellus Wallace (PULP FICTION) look nice.
Waltz was able to capture and portray true evil, without going nuts (i.e. Nic Cage, in everything).

We also get Hugo Stiglitz, Aldo Raine, Shosanna and Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth).
I love when Donny, aka The Bear Jew, starts hitting his bat against the wall.
You know it's gonna get ugly, but you can't wait for the mayhem to start.
That's QT.
He can take the most disturbing subjects and present them in an entertaining way.

I mean, one of his most memorable characters, is The Gimp, from PULP FICTION.
That's right a captive, male, sex slave, who never speaks, is a big part of the QT family.
Who is The Gimp? How did he become The Gimp? 
You don't really want, or need the answers.
QT let's your imagination do his dirty work, but burned something into your mind, forever.

I want to save the rest of my BASTERDS praise for the finals.
However, it's going to need help to win the ultimate prize.

For the title of Best Film Since 2000, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS will face . . .

Friday, April 19, 2013

The South Reviews: Tom Cruise's ‘Oblivion’ gives picturesque take on familiar sci-fi

Strangely enough, I don't think I remember a waterfall in the movie
It is hard to watch Oblivion without noticing the similarities/inspiration between it and other notable sci-fi films. Not that that is completely a bad thing, just an unavoidable observation. The film comes off more as sci-fi-action collage, rather than an wholly original film.

And that is the tricky thing with the sci-fi genre as a whole, it is terribly difficult to create something new. In most cases, the best you can strive for are a few unique elements, top notch special effects, and a fun, exciting ride – and Oblivion does accomplish those truncated goals with ease, it just struggles when it attempts to be more than that.

Next time on MTV Cribs . . .
Set in the not so distant future (as most sci-fi films are), Oblivion creates a visually stunning, yet uninhabitable, post-alien/nuclear destruction Earth. Tom Cruise is Jack Harper, a Wall-E-like drone repairmen and one of only two people still on Earth. The other is his beautiful, corporate stooge of a communications officer/lover Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). Together they live in an ultramodern glass house, positioned high in the sky working as an "effective team" cleanup crew.
Each day, Jack takes his “bubble ship” (one of the coolest movie vehicles since Batman Begins’ The Tumbler) out into the barren landscape to repair damaged security drones (apparently near the former New York City, thanks to the presence of half-destroyed, but clearly recognizable landmarks like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty). These security drones, equipped with ultra-sensitive scanners and high-powered machine guns, are searching for Scavengers, or Scavs, the leftover aliens still wreaking havoc on the planet. “There was a war. We won,” explains Cruise in a hollow voiceover.

Not That Anyone Asked, But Here is My Criterion Top 10

Chris (South):

We here at North/South Films are devoted supporters of The Criterion Collection and everything they do. Besides being the greatest distribution house for classic, foreign, and independent film, Criterion also runs a pretty cool and interactive website with assists from their Facebook and Twitter feeds, e-mail newsletter, and the Criterion Corner blog on  

With a ton of special features (like commentary, documentaries, making-of, etc.) and typically flawless transfers and/or restored quality, Criterion does a fantastic job of providing the absolute best home viewing experience. One of their trademark features is the unique cover art for their packaging, certainly more interesting than generic old movie posters.  

At almost 700 titles, Criterions encompass most of the greatest films of all-time from every genre and era. All the legends are there: Kurosawa, Chaplin, Eisenstein, Bergman, Fellini, Truffaut, Buñuel, Renoir, and more, plus many titles from today’s best directors like Steven Soderbergh, Jim Jarmusch, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Wes Anderson, and even our friend Michael Bay makes a few appearances. Unfortunately, I only own a rather paltry seven Criterion discs (they can be pricy, but worth it), but you can actually watch many of them on Hulu.

Every so often they ask big name actors, directors, and others to give their Top 10 Films included in the Criterion Collection’s extensive catalog. Check out a few examples from James Franco, Wes Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Rian Johnson, Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, and Adam Yauch.

I love reading these lists. It is always interesting to know what films those in the business really respect, admire, and get inspiration from, plus it is a great place to discover new films worth checking out.

So not that they asked (or ever would), but here is My Criterion Top 10 – And boy, was it difficult to narrow it down. In fact, it was so tough that I cheated (in several different ways). So really here is my Top 11 (really 17) Top Criterion Films:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dan's Discs 4/16/13---DJANGO UNCHAINED

You probably already know that I love Tuesdays.
New Releases Day is great, but a Quentin Tarantino New Release Day is basically a holiday.
There is also a sweet Criterion Blu-Ray of REPO MAN out today, but we're talking QT.

I saw DJANGO UNCHAINED twice in the theater and my Blu-Ray just got here.
Going into DJANGO, I was super hyped.
I'm a huge QT fan and the screenplay for DJANGO was one of his best.
Me and the wife put on some Tarantino Shirts and ventured out into the snow for a matinee. 
We sat, watched and when it was over, we both had the same reaction: underwhelmed. 
I was expecting a faster pace, more fleshed out characters and was not overly impressed.
When I saw INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS in the theater, I stayed for a second showing.

However, when I saw DJANGO a second time, I realized something had completely changed:
The audience ate it up.
When I saw it the first time, it was dead silent in the theater.
I was laughing, a lot, but definitely caught some dirty looks.
I would have thought the people seeing a QT movie, on opening day, would be die-hards like me.
But they acted like we were watching ROOTS and not a dark comedy.

Monday, April 15, 2013


THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES is a film you must go see, but a place you never want to visit.
It's a story about families and the blurred line between heroes and villains.
It's ambitious in structure and reminds you that big stars can be big talents as well.
PINES doesn't try to tell one, concise tale. 
It aims higher, goes after deep truths, and mostly succeeds.

The film is seemingly based around Luke (Ryan Gosling), a motorcycle rider in a traveling carnival.
There is no origin story, but his numerous tattoos and profession give you a (partial) picture.
Luke is not entirely unlike Gosling's zen 'Driver' from DRIVE, but is much simpler.
Like all the characters in PINES, he stays wholly authentic to himself.
He often fulfills your low expectations, but tries harder than you'd expect, in ways most never dare.

Luke's story revolves around a woman he once loved and the child-result of that love.
With his motorcycle skills and a desire to change the lives of his family, he begins robbing banks.
You think you've seen this before.
Then you meet Avery (Bradley Cooper) as the cop on his tail.
And you are sure you've seen this before.
However, PINES dares to be different and subverts the cop/robber genre with emotion, not action.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Best of 2000-NOW: THE FINAL 4

We are down to The Final 4 in our Tournament to determine the Best Film of 2000-Now.
The above photo (click to enlarge) has all the Results so far.
Read Part I of the Round 1 Recap here.
Read Part II of the Round 1 Recap here.
Read the 32 to 16 Recap here.
Read the 16 to 8 Recap here.

You can vote on The Final 4 in the Comments Section.

Dan (The North) writing in italics
Chris (The South) writing in normal

Elite 8 to Final 4 Recap:

Aronofsky/Scorsese Region:

When it all began, Darren Aronofsky had three films in this region and Martin Scorsese had two.
When the popcorn settled on the theater floor, only one was left:


REQUIEM holds up because it's so visceral.
You feel shots in REQUIEM.
You squirm, you cringe, you feel sick and the film absorbs you.
I was watching it in a dorm room one day, a girl walked in, covered her eyes and walked out.
The scene on the screen was nothing scary, just an establishing shot.
She said, "That's Requiem For A Dream right? It gave me nightmares. I can't see any of it again."
Now that's a review!
REQUIEM is too much for some people, but it reminds me how far great cinema can go.
It's not shock for shock value, the realness of everything is what makes it so horrifying.
Plus, it's got the song. If you've seen it, you know the one I mean:

DEPARTED is good, but it's probably not even in Scorsese's Top 5.
It certainly never disturbed anybody, and definitely never sent a coed running out of a room.
Sometimes it's more romp, than serious crime film. 
Jack Nicholson is great, but goes so broad.
Then we've got Leo, Damon, Sheen, Wahlberg, and Baldwin doing the Big Bad Southie Accent.
I think it was a commercial comeback for Marty and got this far because he is so talented.

Click 'Read More' for the rest of the Elite 8 to Final 4 Recap:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We Have A Winner!

Yesterday we had a Contest.
Most of the day went by, but we finally had a winner answer our question:

In THE SANDLOT, there is a scene that is an homage to a Famous Film.

THE SANDLOT may reference more than one film and probably does.
In the scene I'm talking about, the characters speak dialogue directly from the Famous Film.

What Famous Film Does THE SANDLOT reference?


In THE SANDLOT we have this sequence:

About a minute into the video, we get a line directly from this sequence in COOL HAND LUKE:

"She don't know what she's doin'!"
"Yeah she does. She knows exactly what she's doin'."

Congrats to Bob Fulton of Vermont.
Let it be known that his SANDLOT knowledge is that of a superior being.

Internet Item of the Week 4/10/13

The North, not writing on an Osborne 1:

I was born in 1985, basically meaning I missed the 80s.
People crap on the 80s, but it had amazing movies and awesome dance music.
Two things I refuse to live without.

We had a Nintendoed-out, REVENGE OF THE NERDS print a few weeks ago.
Now we have JURASSIC PARK thrown into a Miami Vice, Pop Art blender.
The 80's were dope.

The JP print is for sale here.
That site is also selling this gem:

Don't stop to think about whether or not you should buy up all these prints.
Spare No Expense!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dan's Discs 4/9/13--DVD GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

Okay, this edition of Dan's Discs is gonna be a little different.
Why is Benny The Jet here? 
Read on.
There is only one major DVD release today:
I missed this one in the theater, so I will probably check it out on Redbox or Netflix.
It stars the incredible, Bill Murray, as President Franklin Roosevelt.
So you know, it's got that goin' for it:

Now for the Giveaway Contest:
If you read Dan's Discs 2 weeks ago, you'll know THE SANDLOT came out on Blu-Ray.
I had just bought a new DVD copy of it a few months ago, before the Blu-Ray came out.
So it's time to do the first giveaway in the (short) history of North/South!

I've got a brand new DVD of THE SANDLOT for the first reader to answer my question.
Googling, IMDBing and Ask Jeevesing is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! 
Let's see if anyone really knows their shit:

In THE SANDLOT, there is a scene that is an homage to a Famous Film.
THE SANDLOT may reference more than one film and probably does.
In the scene I'm talking about, the characters speak dialogue directly from the Famous Film.
For a copy of one of the greatest Baseball Movies ever:

What Famous Film Does THE SANDLOT reference?

Get at me on Twitter or in the Comments Section with the correct answer.
Good Luck!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best of 2000-NOW: The Elite 8

We are down to The Elite 8 in our Tournament to determine the Best Film of 2000-Now.
The above photo (click to enlarge) has all the Round 1, 2 and 3 Winners.

64 Films were cut to 32.

You can read Part I of the Round 1 Recap here.
You can read Part II of the Round 1 Recap here.

32 films were then cut to 16.
You can read the 32 to 16 Recap here.

Now, 16 Films have been chopped down to 8.

Vote on The Elite 8 in the Comments Section.

Dan (The North) is writing in italics.

Chris (The South) is writing in normal.

Sweet 16 to Elite 8 Recap:

Aronofsky/Scorsese Region:

The First Match of the Sweet 16 was a Best Picture Winner Crime Drama Showdown:

This match really began when these films won Best Picture Oscars in consecutive years
Both are epic dramas dealing with the law, the underworld and the personal ties of society. 
Each had a director previously nominated for an Oscar and a cast full of big time actors.
I figured the hardest part would be comparing two, almost equally, incredible films. 

However, some people took hard stances in one direction or the other. 
I had a 30 minute conversation with a reader about the high points and meanings of each film.
In the end, I think he decided on DEPARTED because of the importance of the soundtrack. 
Another was outraged that we were even taking votes: He had NO COUNTRY in a shut out.

The opinions of The North and The South were briefly split as well. 
But in a Tournament, one film moves on and one gets the old compressed-air gun to the dome:

THE DEPARTED works overtime to oust NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

I liked NO COUNTRY, but I think the film suffers from being an adaptation of a beloved novel.
Every adaptation has the "it wasn't as good as the book" detractors. 
That's because a movie is not a book. 
Great books can be bad films (THE BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES).
Bad books can be great films (THE GODFATHER (the book wasn't terrible, but not great)).
I think NO COUNTRY is probably a great novel and a good film.
Watching it for the first time, I liked it, but had the feeling I was missing a lot of something.
Wide open spaces in films and novels are just different, I guess.
Marty does his thing (so well) and moves on to The Elite 8.

Next up was #2 Iron Man versus #3 Requiem for a Dream. 
Both great in their own way, but two films that could not be on more opposite ends of the film spectrum. 

Released way back in 2000, Darren Aronofsky's Requiem barely made the year cutoff to be included in the tourney, but it is showing tremendous staying power. I guess a movie that intense and memorable has a way of sticking with you (or haunting your nightmares is more like it). 

Then there is Iron Man, a somewhat surprising hit from 2008. There are few movies that are a better example of why casting is so crucial. Could you imagine anyone else as billionaire-playboy-turned-superhero Tony Stark than Robert Downey, Jr.? But most imporantly, Iron Man can be credited with launching the entire multi-billion dollar Marvel/Avengers film universe, the now gold-standard for Hollywood franchises. 

But when you weigh the merits of each film, Requiem for a Dream is clearly superior. The voting showed the same opinion, and Aronofsky's film advances. His reward is showdown with Scorsese, in a match-up for the championship of the region named for them.

Click Read More For The Rest of The Sweet 16 to Elite 8 Recap

Double Dose of Gosling: ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ and ‘Only God Forgives’

Okay, I (Chris aka South) will admit it. I have a bit of a man-crush on Ryan Gosling. I mean, c’mon, how could you not? With stirring performances in Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, Blue Valentine, Drive, and other films, it is clear that he is one of best talents in Hollywood today - a modern day Steve McQueen - raw and bad-ass, but also more than capable of displaying a range of emotions and even humor. Plus, that “Hey girl” meme is hilarious. Again, I ask, c’mon, how could you not?

So if you enjoyed 2011, aka The Year of Gosling, which saw three big films from the in-demand actor (Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March), then you are certainly in for a treat this year as well, with one film already out (Gangster Squad) and he brings two more highly-anticipated films to theaters soon - The Place Beyond the Pines and God Only Forgives.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank You Mr. Ebert

Dan here:

Yesterday was a rough day for film.

Roger Ebert loomed so large in our world, many had taken for granted he would always be there.
We thought surely he would be there to give us the Thumbs Up or Down.
He would be there for the Four Star Reviews and to make additions to the Your Movie Sucks File. 
He was going to tell us which movies we should run to theaters to see. 
Which ones we could wait for until home video,and which ones we should never, dare sit through. 
He was constantly giving us his opinions, while simultaneously forming our opinions, for us. 
He was an entertainer and an educator. 
A member of the film elite, but an everyman, anyone could agree or argue with. 
He left us too soon, but it's what he left behind that will carry on his legacy, which will never die.

Last night, tears were shed, stories were told and most importantly a great man was celebrated.
Celebrated not only for his accomplishments, but for giving so many people so much joy.
I spent the night Re-Tweeting dozens, possibly hundreds of Tweets from members of the film world. Whenever you want to spend time with Roger, go here.

In the Tweets from 4/4 to 4/5, there are a life's worth of stories, pictures, videos, reviews, thoughts and thank yous to man that many attribute their chosen careers and passions to.

In some way, it was a great day for film.

It may seem odd to call somebody a friend if you've never met them.
I think anyone can be a friend if you get to know them.
Over the course of his life and career many of us got to know Roger Ebert through his work.
He gave so much of himself and gave me so much personally, it would be odd for me to call him anything but a friend.

One of the first posts I did for this blog was Past Ebert.
This was the opening:

Here at North/South, we worship at the movie-reviewing altar of Roger Ebert.
Not only is he the greatest film critic ever, he is one of the greatest, American writers of our time. His reviews, essays and blog posts are something I always look forward to reading, re-reading, digesting and dissecting as time passes. At The Movies, was my third favorite TV Show as child, ranking only behind WWF Wrestling and Entertainment Tonight. There is nobody I agree with more often, when it comes to film, than Ebert. For that reason, I try to expose his genius as often as possible. This will be a recurring column where I will post past Ebert essays, reviews and videos to remind people of the film giant, that walks among us. The links will take you to the article in his archives, which is a film rabbit-hole from which few ever return. 

Past Ebert was a Thank You from me to Mr. Ebert.
In my life, no one person has done more for my love of film than Ebert.
I used to tape 'At The Movies' and/or watch it on my black and white with the rabbit ears.
Before the internet, 'At The Movies' and 'Entertainment Tonight' were my sources for film news.
Because of my love for those shows, I was dubbed "Movie Man Dan".
The combination of my opinions, and re-appropriating (or blatantly repeating) Ebert's opinions, was pretty much the basis for all my film arguments with peers and even when I was a kid, adults.
I don't know if I'd be writing about film without Roger Ebert, but I'm glad I don't have to find out.

We will always have Past Ebert, but we will never get past Ebert.

Thank You for everything, Mr. Ebert.

I will always, see you at the movies.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well this week there is one Blu-Ray everyone should buy and one that concerns only a few.

First, something for everybody:

I love Tom Hanks' writing and directorial debut, THAT THING YOU DO!.
I think this is an ultimate Saturday TV Movie.
You turn this on randomly and it's getting watched.
It could be 10 minutes in or 10 minutes remaining and it's got you.
There's plenty of music-industry stuff and great actors everywhere, all in 1960s USA.
Fun movie with a super-high, re-watchability factor.
This Blu-Ray has the extended, Hanks Cut, which if memory serves me, has more Charlize Theron.

I'm cool with that.
It's $14, but I'd bet The Oneders Wonders end up at $10 eventually.

Okay, now one for the fan-boys:

For the Marvel Universe Die-Hards with $150 in their pocket:
A 10-Disc, 6 Film Collection that will keep you inside all summer!
I thought this thing had come out months ago, but apparently there was a lawsuit and a long delay.
The timing worked out fine because this is now being used as big promotion for IRON MAN 3.
It looks awesome and has some cool tie-in materials, but I already own all the movies.
The cannon came out piece by piece and I bought it that way.
With great special features on the Blu-Rays I already have, I just don't have the desire to buy this set.
However, for younger movie fans, the Marvel Phase I series may be their STAR WARS.
This set will definitely turn some small-Avengers into this kid:

That's all for this week.
See you next Tuesday.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Internet Item of the Week 4/1/13

Dan here.

That my friends, is a Tom Hanks Autographed Baseball Bat.
It's for sale on Ebay for $300.
Hanks played an ex-ballplayer in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, so it makes sense.

Directly below it, I saw this for sale:

It's a different Tom Hanks Autographed Baseball Bat from the same seller.

Problem is, it really doesn't look like the other one!
Okay so the "Tom" seems to be  pretty similar on both bats.

Except that the crosses of the "T" go in opposite directions.
Also, the "O" loop is different.

But the "Hanks" are completely different.
Look at that long flourish on the second bat!
In the first picture, the"Hanks" looks like Japanese Script.
This second one looks like it was singed by Tom "Hel"!
Where are the other letters?

The only other picture in the listing doesn't give us any answers:

We'd need Carl Hanratty from CATCH ME IF YOU CAN to decide if these are legit or not.
The seller has a great user rating, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
If they did meet Hanks, I just wish they asked if Dottie dropped the ball on purpose: