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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well this week there is one Blu-Ray everyone should buy and one that concerns only a few.

First, something for everybody:

I love Tom Hanks' writing and directorial debut, THAT THING YOU DO!.
I think this is an ultimate Saturday TV Movie.
You turn this on randomly and it's getting watched.
It could be 10 minutes in or 10 minutes remaining and it's got you.
There's plenty of music-industry stuff and great actors everywhere, all in 1960s USA.
Fun movie with a super-high, re-watchability factor.
This Blu-Ray has the extended, Hanks Cut, which if memory serves me, has more Charlize Theron.

I'm cool with that.
It's $14, but I'd bet The Oneders Wonders end up at $10 eventually.

Okay, now one for the fan-boys:

For the Marvel Universe Die-Hards with $150 in their pocket:
A 10-Disc, 6 Film Collection that will keep you inside all summer!
I thought this thing had come out months ago, but apparently there was a lawsuit and a long delay.
The timing worked out fine because this is now being used as big promotion for IRON MAN 3.
It looks awesome and has some cool tie-in materials, but I already own all the movies.
The cannon came out piece by piece and I bought it that way.
With great special features on the Blu-Rays I already have, I just don't have the desire to buy this set.
However, for younger movie fans, the Marvel Phase I series may be their STAR WARS.
This set will definitely turn some small-Avengers into this kid:

That's all for this week.
See you next Tuesday.

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