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Friday, April 26, 2013

SCREAM, aka My Favorite Movie, to Become MTV Television Series (insert groan here)

When Dan and I (Chris) started this blog, we outlined a few loose guidelines about what we would write about and what we wouldn’t. For instance, we both agreed to keep North/South Film strictly film-focused, i.e. no television. Well, I am both reluctant and thrilled to break the rules (which, according to Scream, will most assuredly get me killed) by discussing a bit of TV news that broke yesterday evening.

The big news out of Hollywood is that MTV (ugh, don't get me started) is currently developing a weekly TV series based on the popular Scream film franchise. Apparently it has been under consideration for at least a year, but finally given the full go ahead this week. MTV has given the greenlight for a "pilot" to be made (in talks to be directed by horror master Wes Craven). The show could possibly hit television screens by next summer if it is deemed even remotely decent - by MTV standards at least (and since I watch absolutely nothing on the network anymore, I have no idea what that could mean - probably not good).

 If you don't know what a "pilot" is, let Jules Winnfield explain it to you

Now, I truly hate what MTV has become and utterly despise TV remakes of movies, but I just cannot help but to be a little curious about this project. The (only) reason for my interest in this is because the original Scream, released way back in 1996, is probably my favorite film of all-time (and the only movie poster my girlfriend allows me to hang in the house, partially because it is signed by none other than Wes Craven himself).  So I can’t help but hold out a little hope for this potential TV series, even though the subsequent three movie sequels gradually let me down more and more.

Photographic proof
Because I love the original so much, I even bared through opening night screenings of said sequels, including the latest incarnation released just two years ago. Needless to say, I was the oldest person at the midnight screening and it was terrible. I seriously do not even remember any details of the movie itself, just the disappointment – even though I knew it was going to bad, I still had hope it would recapture the magic.

Regardless of the diminishing success of the sequels, the first film is truly fantastic and a modern horror movie classic. I am not trying to argue that it is the greatest film ever made, but it is my personal favorite – a movie I can watch over and over again, know every line, and still find highly enjoy every time it is on. The movie is extremely well-made (especially by horror movie standards) and is hilarious, original, full of delicious pop culture tidbits, twists and turns, just a bit fright, and that first scene is legendary. I watched and re-watched it on VHS until I wore out the tape and had to buy the DVD years later – and with that came even more obsession thanks to the DVD commentaries (from Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson), behind-the-scenes featurettes, and more bonus features.

Killing off the most famous cast member in the first 15 minutes? Genius.
But perhaps most importantly, it was the first movie that I saw as more than just mindless entertainment. I began to see how all the separate pieces of a film (script, casting, music, editing, shot selection, camera movement, sound design, etc.) all fit together to create one seamless entity. In other words, it really got me (at 12 years old) really thinking about film. So I guess you could say I owe my love and appreciation of film to Scream. Needless to say, it was a pivotal film in my life as film-obsessed writer/critic.

Relive all the gory glory here with trailer:

Now I have no idea what the show will be like or if it will be any good (I certainly have my reservations). The folks over at /Film threw out a great idea for it to follow an American Horror Story-like model where each season has its own contained storyline. I mean, how long can a show last with a serial killer terrorizing the same people over and over again? And I highly doubt we will see any of the characters from the four films (especially the first), so I assume it will be some sort of “re-imagining” (and who knows what that can mean). Look at what MTV did with Teen Wolf, which is apparently nothing like the original movie (and does not make me feel any better).

Teen Wolf? What is this non-sense? MTV, that's what kind of non-sense.
Right now Craven’s name is only tangentially attached, but he did express his desire to make more films in the series (perhaps the start of a new trilogy) around the time of Scream 4’s release. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson (who wrote 1, 2, & 4, in addition to writing I Know What You Did Last Summer & The Faculty and creating the TV shows Dawson’s Creek & The Vampire Diaries) does not appear to involved at all in the new show’s development, at least not as of yet.

So the only one thing assured with this new pilot – plenty of Ghostface!

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  1. The idea of remakes seem very appealing. However, it will be difficult to keep people from comparing it with the original. Scream is a classic movie, and I think it can be difficult to surpass its success. Even the latter installments did not have the same impact as the original. Therefore, it can be a real challenge to the producers to pursue a remake for some classic movies.

    Simon Walker @ The Viewlorium