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Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank You Mr. Ebert

Dan here:

Yesterday was a rough day for film.

Roger Ebert loomed so large in our world, many had taken for granted he would always be there.
We thought surely he would be there to give us the Thumbs Up or Down.
He would be there for the Four Star Reviews and to make additions to the Your Movie Sucks File. 
He was going to tell us which movies we should run to theaters to see. 
Which ones we could wait for until home video,and which ones we should never, dare sit through. 
He was constantly giving us his opinions, while simultaneously forming our opinions, for us. 
He was an entertainer and an educator. 
A member of the film elite, but an everyman, anyone could agree or argue with. 
He left us too soon, but it's what he left behind that will carry on his legacy, which will never die.

Last night, tears were shed, stories were told and most importantly a great man was celebrated.
Celebrated not only for his accomplishments, but for giving so many people so much joy.
I spent the night Re-Tweeting dozens, possibly hundreds of Tweets from members of the film world. Whenever you want to spend time with Roger, go here.

In the Tweets from 4/4 to 4/5, there are a life's worth of stories, pictures, videos, reviews, thoughts and thank yous to man that many attribute their chosen careers and passions to.

In some way, it was a great day for film.

It may seem odd to call somebody a friend if you've never met them.
I think anyone can be a friend if you get to know them.
Over the course of his life and career many of us got to know Roger Ebert through his work.
He gave so much of himself and gave me so much personally, it would be odd for me to call him anything but a friend.

One of the first posts I did for this blog was Past Ebert.
This was the opening:

Here at North/South, we worship at the movie-reviewing altar of Roger Ebert.
Not only is he the greatest film critic ever, he is one of the greatest, American writers of our time. His reviews, essays and blog posts are something I always look forward to reading, re-reading, digesting and dissecting as time passes. At The Movies, was my third favorite TV Show as child, ranking only behind WWF Wrestling and Entertainment Tonight. There is nobody I agree with more often, when it comes to film, than Ebert. For that reason, I try to expose his genius as often as possible. This will be a recurring column where I will post past Ebert essays, reviews and videos to remind people of the film giant, that walks among us. The links will take you to the article in his archives, which is a film rabbit-hole from which few ever return. 

Past Ebert was a Thank You from me to Mr. Ebert.
In my life, no one person has done more for my love of film than Ebert.
I used to tape 'At The Movies' and/or watch it on my black and white with the rabbit ears.
Before the internet, 'At The Movies' and 'Entertainment Tonight' were my sources for film news.
Because of my love for those shows, I was dubbed "Movie Man Dan".
The combination of my opinions, and re-appropriating (or blatantly repeating) Ebert's opinions, was pretty much the basis for all my film arguments with peers and even when I was a kid, adults.
I don't know if I'd be writing about film without Roger Ebert, but I'm glad I don't have to find out.

We will always have Past Ebert, but we will never get past Ebert.

Thank You for everything, Mr. Ebert.

I will always, see you at the movies.

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