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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we have one, major new release to discuss.
Why not have the master, Mr. Roger Ebert, join the conversation?

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK was an important, incredible film.
I didn't go see it until after the Oscars and sadly, I delayed myself a great experience.
My favorite film of 2012 was MOONRISE KINGDOM.
PLAYBOOK is a close second, but probably the superior film, because of it's poignant content.
It spoke deeply to the issues of current mental health and health care with no condescension.
It was real talk and it was powerful.

The performances were great and I am shocked that only Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar.
I really enjoyed Bradley Cooper, Jackie Weaver, a still-funny Chris Tucker and Robert De Niro.
The De Niro performance was like the time I saw Michael Jordan score 39 points at 39 years old.
He wasn't as great as he once was, but he could still blow you away. 

Mr. Ebert certainly enjoyed De Niro and the film, he gave it 3.5 out of 4.
Read his full review here, on his amazing new site.
Here's a small sample of The King, doin' work:

"I love actors. I've been on an almost lifelong journey with Robert De Niro, and feel intimately familiar with him as an actor (not as a person). Here his work unobtrusively charmed my socks off. He's harmlessly obsessed with the Eagles, gratefully in love with his wife and cluelessly supportive of his son, who he doesn't realize is an apple who has fallen very close to the tree."

If it's good enough for Roger and Me, go ahead and pick it up.

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