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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

John Hughes' WEIRD SCIENCE To Be Remade!

In Hollywood, remaking 80s movies has become it's own genre.
Some were successful (KARATE KID), some were bombs (ARTHUR), but all were truly terrible.
There is news of another 80s movie remake, but this time, we have a reason to hope it could work:

Universal Pictures and Joel Silver are set to remake the John Hughes' WEIRD SCIENCE

I heard a collective groan after that sentence, but here is the silver (pun intended) lining:
Joel Silver produced the original WEIRD SCIENCE at Universal in 1985.
I know that for many, remaking a Hughes film is cause for an immediate boycott. 
You may have even stopped reading this article, but I am actually excited.
WEIRD is the only Hughes movie that could work as a remake.
It's really just a romp from start to finish. 
It is never serious and doesn't have the same 80s angst as his other works.

I'm glad it's not FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF or THE BREAKFAST CLUB getting the redux.
Remaking of FERRIS, BREAKFAST, or PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES wouldn't work. They are so enigmatic of a time a place that is long gone. 
Did you see DUE DATE?
It was a pathetic attempt at redoing PLANES, TRAINS and was mostly unwatchable.
WEIRD is fair game because it's not the John Hughes movie, it's just a John Hughes movie. 
If they must remake Hughes, I'm happy it's not Selena Gomez in "NINETEEN CANDLES".

Besides Joel Silver being involved, word is that Michael Bacall will do the script. 
Bacall wrote the crazily-underrated, PROJECT X (the party one, not the monkey one). 
He also did the script for the 21 JUMPSTREET movie. 
JUMPSTREET was hilarious event though it was based on a TV show devoid of real comedy. 
If he can recreate what he did with JUMPSTREET than this remake can work.
Besides, don't you want to see Lisa again?
Cue the haters, but the new Lisa has to be Megan Fox. 

I know you don't like them.
I know you don't want them, but Hollywood is going to keep pilfering 80s gems.
You can trash talk them, but it will not stop, especially if one is really successful.
If Channing Tatum is cast in a ROADHOUSE remake, they might have to build bigger theaters.
I hate remakes too, but at least they reignite the consciousness and glory of the originals.
So throw your bras on your head and hook up your room-sized computer.
The 80s are here to stay . . . forever.

--The North (@DannyGetHot)

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