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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dan's Discs--CAPTAIN AMERICA-The Awful One

This is an odd edition of Dan's Discs because it is about a film you probably should not buy.
Unless you love reveling in the joys of unintentional comedy.
In that case, 1990's CAPTAIN AMERICA might be your new, favorite, bad movie.

I first saw CAPTAIN AMERICA when I was 9 or 10 years old.
I always liked the character of Captain America.
I think it was because for my 8th birthday somebody gave me this:

Yup, action figures with things that actually shoot are always, the best.
Cap could shoot his shield and actually knock down other toys.
So awesome.
When I saw the VHS sitting on the shelf at Jimmo's Video Store (Great Name), I rented it ASAP.

I was staying at my grandparents house and in a weekend I watched it probably seven times.
It used to be on TV after that, but I have not seen it in at least sixteen years.
When I heard it was getting a Blu-Ray release, I checked it out on youtube.
The whole movie is there, so don't waste you $11 on the Blu-Ray.

I know the movie was a huge bomb and has been lambasted for years, but it made me laugh.
Sure the special effects are terrible and the costumes and the acting are far worse.
However, it is not without it's charms, summarized well here.
It reminded me of a simpler time, before Comic Book adaptations were king.
When budgets for small films were the same as a day's catering bill for a major production.

Is CAPTAIN AMERICA a great or even a good movie? 
Absolutely not, but it does remind you that when you were 9, you weren't such a snarky asshole.
It may be fodder for RiffTrax now, but back then you actually enjoyed it.
So save your money, but take a trip down nostalgia lane and visit the less jaded version of yourself.

P.S. My other favorite figure was this Destro, from G.I. Joe:

Those red discs went FAST and I was quickly told not bring them to school anymore.

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