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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dan's Discs 5/28/13--$5 BLU-RAYS!

It's New Release Tuesday!
One Problem.
There is nothing being released today that I want to cover.
A Nice List of Blu-Rays On Amazon that are $5 or less.

Danny likey those prices (claps hands).
You may have some or most of these already, but good deals need to be showcased.
Links will take you to the Film's Amazon Page.

SIN CITY (2 Discs, Theatrical & Re-Cut, Extended and Unrated Versions)

Well I guess there are at least 3 separate versions of the film on the Blu-Ray and possibly more.
I like SIN CITY, but I thought it could have been much better.
Frustrating to have all the pieces and end up with a so-so final product.
I think it had the potential to be a huge franchise, but we are just now getting a sequel, this summer. An 8 year hiatus never would have occurred if they could have made this film a little more accessible. I know the source material well and the film didn't even go as dark as the novels, so you can't really fault Robert Rodriguez on authenticity. However, the people eating and constant threat of disturbing sexual assaults is not something you build a franchise around. 
Jessica Alba dancing is something you build a franchise around!
I'm sure the Unrated Version will give you nightmares, so enjoy!

T2: JUDGMENT DAY (Skynet Edition)

If you ever take my word on something, let it be this: YOU MUST OWN THIS!
The extra features are AMAZING.
I've had it for a while and still haven't gone through everything on the disc.
One thing I have watched is the James Cameron Commentary Track.
I can say without a doubt it is my favorite Director Commentary of All-Time (List Coming Soon).
The commentary should be issued to film students of all varieties.
In 2.5 hours, you can learn a ton about film and filmmaking.
This is the film that made computerized, visual effects legit.
The commentary is basically an outline for the future of how films would be made. 
Well worth your $4.75.

DIRTY DANCING (20th Anniversary Edition)

Why not be a super pimp for $5?
Everyone loves this movie and right now, you know someone who needs this.
People who know me, know that I F-ing love me some Patrick Swayze.
I put ROAD HOUSE and POINT BREAK in a category of their own and both have given me hundreds of hours of entertainment. My next three favortie Swayze flicks are YOUNGBLOOD, THE OUTSIDERS and DIRTY DANCING. Swayze dominated here: As if the dancing and the classic, "Nobody puts baby in a corner.", weren't enough, he also wrote a hit song for the soundtrack.
Yup, never wrote a song before and it went to #3 on The Billboard Hot 100.
Oh wait, it's awesome and he sang it too? 
Pure Swayze. 
Rest in Peace Friend.
And if you don't dig 'She's Like The Wind', then I don't need ya:

So if you've got the funds, start grabbing these at $5 while you still can.
Here are some others:

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