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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Past Ebert/Dan's Discs--CLOUD ATLAS

For me, almost every day of the week has a significant tie-in to film.
Sunday and Monday: Box Office Results
Tuesday: New DVD Releases
Wednesday: Sucks
Thursday: Roger Ebert Review Day
Friday: Opening Day
Saturday: Matinee Day

Sadly, my love of Thursdays ended with the death of our friend, Roger Ebert.
However, we still have the ability to read and enjoy his past writings.
He wrote about CLOUD ATLAS and gave it the ultimate confirmation: An Ebert 4 Star Review.
As you can see in the above picture he also gave them the highly prized Box Cover Quotation.
If Ebert calls your film "daring and visionary", you put it on every piece of print, for eternity.

Take a minute to read his review and remember that Box Office success means nothing.
A great film can do poorly and a terrible film can make $146 million.
CLOUD ATLAS was destined to fail in the theaters: 
It is long (164 minutes). 
It is confusing (actors playing multiple parts, over multiple centuries and settings).
And you couldn't possibly explain it all in a 30 second trailer.
For today's spoonfed audiences, that is a recipe for disaster, but for Ebert it is a challenge.
Can he convince you to take 3 hours out of your busy life to digest a great film experiment?

For me, the answer was yes.
Ebert said, "Surely this is one of the most ambitious films ever made."
When Ebert says that, you drop everything and get to the theater.
Hopefully you did it quickly, because ATLAS came and went in the blink of an eye.
For me, it wasn't perfect, but damn was it interesting.
I can't find better adjectives to describe it than the ones used by Ebert: 
Daring, Visionary and Ambitious.
It was not a Blockbuster, but if you love movies, you owe to yourself to watch it.
Trust me, you will be thinking about it long after the 3 hours are up.

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