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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We Have A Winner!

Yesterday we had a Contest.
Most of the day went by, but we finally had a winner answer our question:

In THE SANDLOT, there is a scene that is an homage to a Famous Film.

THE SANDLOT may reference more than one film and probably does.
In the scene I'm talking about, the characters speak dialogue directly from the Famous Film.

What Famous Film Does THE SANDLOT reference?


In THE SANDLOT we have this sequence:

About a minute into the video, we get a line directly from this sequence in COOL HAND LUKE:

"She don't know what she's doin'!"
"Yeah she does. She knows exactly what she's doin'."

Congrats to Bob Fulton of Vermont.
Let it be known that his SANDLOT knowledge is that of a superior being.

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