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Monday, April 1, 2013

Internet Item of the Week 4/1/13

Dan here.

That my friends, is a Tom Hanks Autographed Baseball Bat.
It's for sale on Ebay for $300.
Hanks played an ex-ballplayer in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, so it makes sense.

Directly below it, I saw this for sale:

It's a different Tom Hanks Autographed Baseball Bat from the same seller.

Problem is, it really doesn't look like the other one!
Okay so the "Tom" seems to be  pretty similar on both bats.

Except that the crosses of the "T" go in opposite directions.
Also, the "O" loop is different.

But the "Hanks" are completely different.
Look at that long flourish on the second bat!
In the first picture, the"Hanks" looks like Japanese Script.
This second one looks like it was singed by Tom "Hel"!
Where are the other letters?

The only other picture in the listing doesn't give us any answers:

We'd need Carl Hanratty from CATCH ME IF YOU CAN to decide if these are legit or not.
The seller has a great user rating, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
If they did meet Hanks, I just wish they asked if Dottie dropped the ball on purpose:

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  1. There's no way those are legit. I mean, I'm sure Hanks doesn't sign baseball bats all that often, but there is no way that someone who has signed thousands and thousands of autographs in his day could sign two identical items so differently at the same time.