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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dan's Discs 4/9/13--DVD GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

Okay, this edition of Dan's Discs is gonna be a little different.
Why is Benny The Jet here? 
Read on.
There is only one major DVD release today:
I missed this one in the theater, so I will probably check it out on Redbox or Netflix.
It stars the incredible, Bill Murray, as President Franklin Roosevelt.
So you know, it's got that goin' for it:

Now for the Giveaway Contest:
If you read Dan's Discs 2 weeks ago, you'll know THE SANDLOT came out on Blu-Ray.
I had just bought a new DVD copy of it a few months ago, before the Blu-Ray came out.
So it's time to do the first giveaway in the (short) history of North/South!

I've got a brand new DVD of THE SANDLOT for the first reader to answer my question.
Googling, IMDBing and Ask Jeevesing is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! 
Let's see if anyone really knows their shit:

In THE SANDLOT, there is a scene that is an homage to a Famous Film.
THE SANDLOT may reference more than one film and probably does.
In the scene I'm talking about, the characters speak dialogue directly from the Famous Film.
For a copy of one of the greatest Baseball Movies ever:

What Famous Film Does THE SANDLOT reference?

Get at me on Twitter or in the Comments Section with the correct answer.
Good Luck!

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  1. Aren't they in the theater during "Werewolf"? I don't think that counts though. I need to re-watch this and the amazing sequel again this weekend.