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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dan's Discs of the Week 3/5/13

I look forward to Tuesdays.
That's New Release Day.
Better Than Nudie Magazine Day.
I look forward to Tuesdays.

Here are My Favorite New Releases This Week:


SCHINDLER'S LIST was a movie I did not watch until college. However, I probably lied and said I had seen it in High School. Boy, did I delay myself one of the greats. Absolutely incredible performance from Ralph Fiennes. I love him in just about everything ( HARRY POTTER, QUIZ SHOW, STRANGE DAYS), but this is next-level, even for him. I also think this is some of Spielberg's best stuff, even if it doesn't crack my Top 5 Spielbergo Joints. I think I avoided this movie because of the depressing factor, but this film is a must-watch not only in terms of performances and craft, but as a historical artifact. 


Finally! My biggest regret this summer was missing WRECK-IT RAPLH on the Big Screen, in 3-D. I love video games, John C. Reilly is a personal hero, and Sarah Silverman rarely disappoints.So how and why did I miss this? CARS 2 & TIN-TIN. I was very excited for both of these films, went to the theater, shelled out $25 for two 3-D tickets (actually $50 for 4 tickets. Thanks, Wife), and was wholly disappointed with them both. TIN-TIN was watchable and had some good scenes, but combined there was only a solid 30 minutes of entertainment. If I'm gonna brave the screaming, flu-ridden, stinky, kiddie crowds that come with Animated films, I need something great. WRECK-IT RALPH may be that great something. I will find out Tuesday.


Freddy Kruger gave me nightmares for years as a child. One year, my brother was Freddy for Halloween with a quality latex mask that scared the crap out of me. I had never seen any of the movies, but apparently Freddy's dream-reaching ability was legit. After Halloween the mask went into a toy chest that I pretty much never opened again. I did get the last laugh with FK, when I got a Freddy's Dead Coffin  promotional toy from #6. When I got older and finally saw most of the Freddy Films, I actually liked some of them. The original is obviously the best and definitely my favorite of the bunch. Johnny Deep getting the suck and spit from the bed is something not easily forgotten and is probably my favorite horror death of all time. The Freddy series has hits (1, 3) and misses, but as a series I'd give it the edge over HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th

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