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Monday, March 4, 2013


Here at North/South, we worship at the movie-reviewing altar of Roger Ebert.
Not only is he the greatest film critic ever, he is one of the greatest, American writers of our time.
His reviews, essays and blog posts are something I always look forward to reading, re-reading, digesting and dissecting as time passes. At The Movies, was my third favorite TV Show as child, ranking only behind WWF Wrestling and Entertainment Tonight. There is nobody I agree with more often, when it comes to film, than Ebert. For that reason, I try to expose his genius as often as possible. This will be a recurring column where I will post past Ebert essays, reviews and videos to remind people of the film giant, that walks among us. The links will take you to the article in his archives, which is a film rabbit-hole from which few ever return. Enjoy!

Today's Past Ebert is dedicated to that hater from the South, Chris Henson.
 It's Roger's great essay on THE WIZARD OF OZ, from his book, "The Great Movies". 

THE WIZARD OF OZ by Roger Ebert (1996)

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