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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OZ: Debate Update

As most of you have already read, there is a battle going on here at North/South.
The South (Chris) decided that OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL is not a movie that should ever been seen by human eyes. However, the North (Me), believes in this project (c'mon Sam Raimi!) and is hoping against hope that this struggle has the same results as The Civil War.

Before this thing opens on Friday, I wanted to give some updates from the battlefield:

1. OZ is currently clocking a Fresh, 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes' numbers are usually pretty good when it comes to whether or not a film is watchable. At 71%, we can probably throw out the idea that this movie is the next RED DAWN (the remake, obviously, 11%).
+1 for The North

2. While we have already noted that Tim Burton did not write, direct, produce, script supervise or get anyone on-set coffee for this film, we do know that OZ is produced by Joe Roth and the visual effects pro/production designer is Robert Stromberg. Who are those guys? They are Tim Burton's team from the awful, un-watchable, ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Ugh.
+2 for The South

3. James Franco's stock took a huge hit after he hosted the Oscars. Nobody appreciates a guy being a jerk and rubbing it in their faces. Remember when I said, " If 30 seconds into this movie you start to see Oscars Franco, walk out quick and get your crazy 3-D money back." Well, you might have to be prepped for flight because James Franco's character's name in this movie is: Oscar! Seriously, I'm not making this up and did not know that when I posted my earlier blog. The words Oscar and Franco do not go well together. At all.
+1 for The South

4. While the red flags are present and bright, there is one bit of information that is great for this flick. It's tracking REALLY BIG. They are predicting $80+Million on opening weekend. That seems high to me, but with a 3-D, kiddie/adult crossover, anything is possible. If it does hit close to that number on opening weekend and the word of mouth is good, this thing will be the biggest film of 2013 (until Iron Man 3, Star Trek 2, Man of Steel and a half a dozen others open, and pass it).
+ 80,000,000 for the North!

Okay, so there's all the information. Are you off to see the wizard or not?

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