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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Internet Item of the Week 3/21/13

I saw this print for sale on Twitter and instantly purchased one.
It's an 11 x 17, signed print, for $20. For sale here.

Also, I wanna talk about REVENGE OF THE NERDS for a second.
Great 80's flick. 
It's super campy and has all the montages and non p.c. jokes you can take.
But there is one scene in NERDS I always think of as the epitome of an absurd 80's movie joke:

(Fast Forward to the 1:45 mark of the video for the scene )

So, the Nerds are basically having a party to audition for a National Chapter of a fraternity.
When it's not going well, what do they do?
Pull out 30 huge joints and smoke them!
And that is not only is that perfectly acceptable, they get in the frat!

REVENGE OF THE NERDS is a classic in it's genre:  Ridiculous 
I can't wait for my poster. I also can't write a ROTN post without this:

(Fast Forward to the 2:55 mark)

Love that bassline kick-in and the lineup of dudes.

Later Ogres and Nerds,
Dan (The North)

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