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Sunday, March 17, 2013


It's March Madness time everywhere else, but at North/South it's MOVIE MADNESS time!

Chris and I have come up with a tournament to determine what is the best film of the last 13 years.
It's been a long and difficult process, but we do have a field of 64 set.
We will take your votes everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, The Comments Section, etc..
Those votes and our battles will determine the winners.

Before we unveil the Bracket, here is how the Bracket was made:

1. This 64 Film Bracket is made up of films from 2000 to Today, 3/17/13.

So, THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE was eligible, but did not make the field.

2. We compiled a list of over 200 films

3. We separately starred films that we felt had to be included in the field.

4. We had 22 mutually agreed upon films. Those films became overall seeds #1-22.

5. Lastly, we each selected and ordered 21 more films. 

6. Those films became seeds #23-64.

So basically, my first choice from the 21 is a #6 seed. My last of the 21 is a #16 seed.

7. In the end, we had four directors with 3 films each and 5 directors with 2 films each.

We paired up a 3-film-director and a 2-film-director and named the Regions after them.

So without further ado, here are the Regions:

The Aronofsky/Scorsese Region
*#6= The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford

The Tarantino/Jackson Region

*#15= Syencdoche, New York

The Nolan/Fincher Region

The Anderson/Coppola Region

We have got amazing match-ups, everywhere:

Michael Cera Showdown: #6 Scott Pilgrim vs. #11. Superbad

The Crazy Families Fight: #1. Royal Tenenbaums vs. #16. Little Miss Sunshine

The Crazy Murderers Battle: #5. Drive vs. #12. Collateral 

Funny Guys vs. Funny Gals: #6. Bridesmaids vs. #11. Anchorman

The Billionaires Club: #.5 Transformers vs. #12. The Avengers

Tarantino War: #1. Inglourious Basterds vs. #16. Kill Bill Vol. 2

Robert Downey Jr. versus Himself: #2. Iron Man vs. #15. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

And that's just some of the First Round.

We are working on a legit voting option, but for now I think the Comment Section works fine.

Check Back for Updates.
Good Luck and May the Best Film Win!


  1. Mine would be Brokeback Mountain and its not on the list!

  2. I stand corrected- i just found it

    1. No thanks to Dan. Who hasnt even seen it!

  3. That's a tough matchup for In Bruges, but i got No Country for Old Men coming out of the Aronofsky region

  4. Departed, Wrestler, Slumdog, Old Men, Gangs, Brick, Treck, Ironman, Basterds, Avatar, Transformers, Neither, Bridesmaids, Adaptation, LOTR, LOTR, Dark Knight, Castaway, Collateral, Almost Famous, Social Network, Gladiator, Memento, Inception, Sunshine, Bone, Sideways, Juno, Superbad, Traffic, Catch Me, Blood.

  5. The Departed, The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire, No Country for Old Men, Gangs of New York, Brick, Eternal Sunshine…, Iron Man

    Inglorious Basterds, Brokeback Mountain, The Avengers, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Anchorman, Adaptation, Children of Men, LOTR I

    The Dark Knight, Zodiac, Collateral, Almost Famous, The Social Network, Gladiator, Snatch, Inception

    Little Miss Sunshine, Winter’s Bone, Sideways, Juno, Superbad, Traffic, Catch Me If You Can, There Will Be Blood

  6. departed, harry potter, slumdog, no country, gangs ny, requiem, star trek, iron man

    inglourious, brokeback, avengers, kill bill, anchorman, adaptation, children men, LOTR 1

    dark knight, zodiac, drive, almost famous, social network, gladiator, memento, inception

    tenenbaums, pirates, sideways, juno, scott pilgrim, traffic, catch me if you can, there will be blood

  7. it really hurt to cut out brick and mr fox in the first round.

    Also, no love for scott pilgrim or tenenbaums so far? why???

  8. My final four was LOTR 1 vs. Departed, Dark Knight vs. Pirates. Dark Knight wins.
    By the way this was a fantastic idea!