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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Colin Trevorrow Directing JURASSIC PARK 4!

Dan here, with HUGE News from the North:

Universal has just announced that Colin Trevorrow, who directed the smart, indie
'Safety Not Guaranteed', will helm JURASSIC PARK 4!
This is big news here in the North because he lives in our co-home-base, Burlington, Vermont! 
Mr. Trevorrow has been in the film news a lot lately.
When Disney acquired the STAR WARS franchise, his name was floated as a possible director for Episode VII. 

Once that rumor was ultimately dispelled, he did announce that he had a project in the works: 

Well, I guess this story is somewhat bitter sweet because the NAVIGATOR will have to wait.
However, that is quite a petty loss considering he will be taking over one of the great franchises.
The big JURASSIC PARK 3-D release on April 5th just got bigger with this well-timed news.
Congrats to Mr. Trevorrow! 

This news also has ties to the South of this site: 
Universal has rented studio space in Louisiana recently. Parts of OBLIVION were filmed there.
Filming some of JP4 there would have to be a possibility.

You can be sure North/South will be on this like a Dilophosaurus on Dennis Nedry!

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