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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New IRON MAN 3 Trailer: Tony Stark is Back!

I gotta say this first: I really love IRON MAN. 
And I kind-of like IRON MAN 2 (even though it's a 7 at best). 
After seeing this new trailer (video below), I'm starting to believe in IRON MAN 3.
Here's Why: Tony Stark is one of the best film characters in recent memory.
In IRON MAN, Robert Downey Jr. showed that he was still a top level talent.
He may be notorious in Hollywood for being difficult, but guess what?
I don't care. 
I want to see the best actors in the best films. 
How the butter flavored topping is made, is no concern of mine.
I.M. 2 was a disappointment, but not money-wise because it out-grossed the original worldwide.
However, it was just a mess of a film. Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke were in outer space.
After that poor outing, Downey Jr. brought back his A-game for THE AVENGERS.
Tony Stark risked everything and was the alpha-male on a team with a god, and a Hulk. 
We are ready to catch up with that cocky, on-edge, Tony Stark.
Hopefully that's what IRON MAN 3 is going to deliver:

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