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Monday, March 11, 2013

Dan's Discs of The Week 3/12/13

It's Tuesday again.

Time for New Releases:

Yup. I love WILLOW. I was the perfect age when this hit on VHS/TV. Most people forget this is a Ron Howard movie and it is one of Ron Howard's best movies. It has a good story, fun characters (Kevin Pollak and Billy Barty), a scary-ass witch and of course Madmartigan (the always dope, Val Kilmer). Kilmer is so great in this movie. WILLOW was his first movie after playing Iceman in TOP GUN and only his fourth film. After this, Kilmer was everywhere. Don't let the next generation miss out on the late-80s Lord Of The Rings!

Well you can pretty much take everything I said above and double down.
WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT is a classic. You've got top tier talent at every level. It's got Mickey, Bugs, Christopher Lloyd, The Weasels and Jessica Rabbit. There are basically two types of people in the world: people who think Jessica Rabbit was hot and nobody else, ever. It was nominated for 6 Oscars and won 3. Most importantly, people ate this movie up in 1988. As of today, it is the 220th Highest Grossing Domestic Film. That's in 1988 money too. It jumps to 174 when adjusted for prices. That's a big time flick, in anybody's terms. 
How did Jessica Rabbit not get another movie?!?!

LIFE OF PI was my 5th Favorite Film of 2012. This should be a great Blu-Ray, but I'm worried about how the film will play when it's not in 3-D. To date, I've only seen a few films that have really been greatly enhanced by 3-D: AVATAR, THE AVENGERS, OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and LIFE OF PI. I've also heard DREDD is legit and I think JURASSIC PARK 3-D will be awesome too. However, like AVATAR, LIFE OF PI's story is good, but not great. It was a movie for a 3-D theater experience. The box even says, "The Next AVATAR. A Visual Miracle." Well Time Magazine was right. It was a "visual miracle". Too bad 95% of home viewers will miss it. 

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