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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wes Anderson's GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL: First Look

Dan Here:

It may only be a production still, but to me, it's Film Christmas.
The above photo and the ones below are from the set of GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.
This is Wes Anderson's next adventure and he has put together quite the cast.
We know for sure that: Jeff Goldblum (above), Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman and Jude Law are all-in.
With the exceptions of Dafoe and Law, every other actor has worked with Anderson before and some (Murray, Wilson, Schwartzman) have done 3 or more Anderson films.

At North/South, the Mount Rushmore of Current Directors is: Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson, in no particular order.
Oliver Stone is washed up. Ang Lee is legit, but bores me a lot of the time.
Spielbergo's catalog is incredible, and cannot be forgotten.
But I haven't liked one of his films since CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.
The business of film is a lot of "what have you done for me lately". 
JAWS is phenomenal, but it came out 38 years ago. 
I'm not saying, at his peak, that Spielberg wasn't better than some or all these guys.
But seriously, I can't wait another 10 years for his next great movie.

I love all of Wes Anderson's movies and my only problem is deciding which one I like best.
All we know so far about G.B.H. is that it has an awesome cast and is set around a Hungarian Hotel in 1927. That's far more information than I needed to decide this will be an amazing film.
North/South is gonna follow it from start to release (sadly not until 2014) . . . and love every minute along the way. Check out all the stills and prepare for a stay at the world's greatest hotel:

P.S. If we get a scene with the hotel cut in half, like the ship in THE LIFE AQUATIC, I audibly shriek with delight mid-screening:

P.P.S. When I type "Spielbergo" instead of "Spielberg", it ain't a misprint:

(G.B.H. photos via TheFilmStage)


  1. Can you rank your favorite Wes Anderson films, por favor? I'm curious.

  2. A lengthy column that is already in the pipeline . . .