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Friday, April 18, 2014

North/South Lists: The Best Of KILL BILL VOL. 1 & 2

It's the 10th Anniversary of the theatrical release of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 2. 
It was an epic conclusion for the bloody, two-part revenge tale (Kill Bill Vol. 1 hit theaters six months before). Though originally divided up because of the lengthy run time (over 4 hours combined), most fans look at the films as one entity - the so-called Whole Bloody Affair.

Tarantino's films are full of wonderful stylistic flair and arguments can be made for the greatness of any number of movie moments (everyone has their favorites). Kill Bill is loaded with memorable scenes, bits of dialogue, and so much more. It is definitely one (or two, if you want to look at it that way) of our favorite films from QT.

Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride also placed second on a previous list of ours - The Most Badass Movie Ladies

To commemorate its 10th Anniversary, we offer up our latest dual lists . . .

Best Moments from Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2:

The South - Chris's List 

#5 – Opening Scene/Credits (Volume 1)

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." So begins Tarantino's Kill Bill saga.
A sweaty, blood splattered Bride. Gunshot to the head.
Cut to Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bag (My Baby Shot Me Down.")
Great opening.

#4 – Bill's Superman Monologue (Volume 2)

This scene is just Tarantino showing off his unbelievable knack for dialogue and storytelling - and further declaring his supreme pop culture geek status. At first, the story seems a bit out of place, but once Bill (David Carradine) reveals his point, it all clicks.

#3 – Beatrix Meets Esteban (Volume 2)

80-year old pimp and boss of The Acuna Boys, Esteban Vihaio - delightfully played by Michael Parks, one of his two roles in Kill Bill (also Sheriff Earl McGraw) - is just one of those brilliant/memorable/weird characters that Tarantino writes so well. The back-and-forth between he and Beatrix is just fantastic.

#2 – The 'Origin of O-Ren' Anime Sequence (Volume 1)

I am sucker for an interesting, fully developed tangent from a film's main storyline - and this one is fantastic. Blending the use of animation is not always effective in a live-action film, but it could not be more appropriate than how it is done here. 

#1 – Slow Motion Intro Of O-Ren and The Crazy 88 (Volume 1)

Everything is cooler in slow-motion. Everything. When I enter a crowded room, this song ("Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Hotei Tomoyasu) plays in my head.

Honorable Mention:

O-Ren asserts her authority with a beheading (Volume 1)

The switch from black-and-white to color during The Bride vs. Crazy 88 fight (Volume 1)

The North - Dan's List 

#5. The Trailer Fight (Volume 2)

The trailer park brawl to end them all.
This is a phenomenally planned, executed and edited sequence.
I love the tobacco spit to the face and multiple changes in fighting style.
And the ending is classic QT.

#4. Beatrix and Pai Mei (Volume 2)

Sometimes you have to learn that you know nothing.
It's a tough pill for Beatrix to swallow, but that's why it's called "The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei".
He laughed and beard stroked his way into our hearts.
Rest In Peace Pai Mei. A master in the truest sense.

#3. Bud The Bouncer (Volume 2)

Our peek into the world of Bud's part time job is a QT one-act that I am thrilled to have.
Bud had a tough time making the transition from assassin to bouncer. 
It's quite a step down and his co-workers hate his guts.
I think Bud was happy to meet his demise, I don't think he could have taken much more abuse.

Shout out to NOLA actress and Twitter friend Laura Cayouette who plays Rocket, and is great.

#2. Hattori Hanzo: Shop Keeper (Volume 1)

Much like Bud, Hattori Hanzo is a skilled master of death, forced into a menial existence.
The is the funniest sequence of either film and Uma is hilarious with her tourist cover.
My favorite line is, "If you were General, I'd be Emperor and you'd still get the sake . . ."

#1. The 'Origin of O-Ren' Anime Sequence (Volume 1)

The anime sequence is so dope.
I'd watch this as a series, or a stand alone film any time QT decides to do it.
My request for a first episode: the story of the diplomat O-Ren snipes from the rooftop.
He obviously knows how to party and looked like a pretty cool guy until he got blown away.

Those Are The Lists!
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