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Friday, April 29, 2016

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The Rundown On What's New In Theaters This Week!


Official Synopsis:
Recently dumped by his girlfriend, slacker Rell (Jordan Peele) finds some happiness when a cute kitten winds up on his doorstep. After a heartless thief steals the cat, Rell recruits his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) to help him retrieve it. They soon learn that a thug named Cheddar (Method Man) has the animal, and he'll only give it back if the two men agree to work for him. Armed with guns and a gangster attitude, it doesn't take long for the hapless duo to land in big trouble.

North's Take:
If you don't know about Key and Peele, click this link and get ready to laugh.
They've had a TV show for 5 seasons and are easily the best comedic duo around.
When I heard they had a movie coming out, I was stoked.
Then I heard it was about them becoming gangsters to retrieve their cute cat:
And I was even more excited.
Funny is funny.
This concept, in the hands of lesser comedians, could become Corky Romano 2.0.
With Key and Peele at the helm, rest assured: There Will Be Laughs!


Official Synopsis:
Intertwining stories revolve around a television host (Julia Roberts), a divorcee (Jennifer Aniston) looking for love and a woman (Kate Hudson) who wants to strengthen her relationship with her mother.

North's Take:
Director Garry Marshall is a straight-up, Hollywood legend.
In his fifty plus years in the business, he created famous TV shows and classic films.
I doubt there is anyone who has never heard of "Happy Days" or Pretty Woman.
Mother's Day, which follows Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, is simple in concept:
Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson have feelings about life.
I'm sure there is more to the film than that, but this is right in Marshall's wheelhouse.
He's been making audiences weep for years, from Beaches to The Other Sister.
I don't know if this film is destined for greatness, but I know Marshall has it in him.


Official Synopsis:
Ratchet is the last of his kind, a foolhardy lombax who grew up without a family. Clank is a pint-sized robot with more brains than brawn. After stumbling upon a weapon that can destroy entire planets, they join forces with a team of do-gooders known as the Galactic Rangers. Together, they must stop the evil alien Chairman Drek from utilizing this dangerous technology. Along the way, Ratchet and Clank learn valuable lessons about heroism, friendship and discovering one's own identity.

North's Take:
It will be a hard list to crack, but Ratchet And Clank has the potential:
Video games have basically become feature films and the transfer is much easier.
I doubt we will ever see a truly great film become an unplayble game. 
The days of E.T. on Atari 2600 are long gone.
And I don't see them screwing up a film version of a great game series like R&C.
Can this combo make its way onto the list?
You'll have to go to the movies this weekend to find out.




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