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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


When I heard they were going to make a fifth installment of the DIE HARD Series, I was psyched.
I absolutely love DIE HARD and DIE HARD: WITH A VENGENACE.
I've seen both, dozens of times and they really never get stale for me.
Bruce Willis as John McClane is at the top of the list when you refer to "Action Heroes".
I also actually really like DIE HARD 2 and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.
I thought LIVE FREE was so absurdly wonderful and I loved Willis for going with the flow.
He got the idea that McClane can do anything that they want to film and played along.
Can McClane jump cars into flying helicopters and hold onto a crashing fighter jet?
Sure, it's a movie.
So, I expected more of the same fun from A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.
My expectations were not met.

The dialogue is bad, the story is not very good and the action sequences were rough.
I thought that the action is LIVE FREE was absurd, but that it was done well.
Here we get a lot of low budget fireballs and explosions.
All while McClane reconnects with his estranged son, who just happens to be in the C.I.A..
The whole production felt rushed and forced.
We have not seen McClane's son since the original when he was like three years old.
I know they brought back his daughter for LIVE FREE, but that felt genuine.
This was clearly a case of, "We need a younger guy to carry the action.".

The smart, snappy dialogue of previous films in the series is completely gone.
It is replaced with jumbled exposition (who was the bad guy again?) and cliche quips.
If you love the series, you are going to see this movie because you have to.
But I doubt you will ever want to rewatch it.
They couldn't get a big budget for this movie, which was needed do the series justice.
I guess they thought that McClane just didn't have another great run in him.
I guess they were right.

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