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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Roger Ebert/Past Ebert Archive

This Tuesday marks a little departure from the norm, here at North/South.
This will be the first (and only) Tuesday where there will be no new edition of Dan's Discs.
That's because today would have been Roger Ebert's 71st Birthday!
In addition to his birthday, there has been amazing news that acclaimed documentary director, Steve James, will be making a doc on Mr. Ebert, titled LIFE ITSELF (which was also the name of Ebert's amazing memoir, which you should buy, here). 

Ebert and James have a true connection because it was Ebert whom championed James' seminal film, HOOP DREAMS (which is in My All-Time Top 5 Films).
I can't wait for this and it is already my most anticiapted release of 2014.
You can follow the making of the film on twitter: @EbertMovie
Now let's take some time to celebrate a man who gave so much to film fans across the world.

As you may have already read, we are huge fans of Mr. Ebert.
His death has left a huge hole in many hearts, as well as changed Thursdays forever.
I tried my best to thank him, but I could never express enough gratitude for what he gave me.
While we will not get new reviews from the master, we still have the wealth of his past writings to read, dissect and enjoy. 

His genius should not be forgotten and that was why I began the recurring column, Past Ebert.
I would guess that I have read over a thousand of his reviews and most of his books.
Please take some time and read through our Past Ebert posts and enjoy the work of one of the Greatest American Writers of All-Time. The links at the bottom of this page will take you to our posts and the posts have links which will redirect you to, which is the best film rabbit hole in existence. You can spend days, and I have, on his site and you will learn more about film and writing than you could have possibly imagined. 

Below is a list of all the previous Past Ebert columns. In addition to checking them out, please go to our Twitter timeline (@NorthSouthFilm) because in the Tweets from 4/4 to 4/5, there is a life's worth of stories, pictures, videos, reviews, thoughts and thank yous to man that many people in the film community attribute their chosen careers and passions to. I RT'd more than a hundred posts on those days and I promise that if you love Ebert you will not be disappointed.

Roger Ebert may be gone, but he will not be forgotten.
Thank you, Mr. Ebert, for everything you did for a film-obsessed kid from Vermont.
I will always, see you, at the movies.


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