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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dan's Discs-- IRON MAN 3

Today, IRON MAN 3 has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD, no word on the Laserdisc.
Director, Shane Black and star, Robert Downey Jr. breathed new life into a franchise that was at a crossroads and the result is one of the best Marvel films to date. 
You can read my full four star review here.

Let's face it, IRON MAN 2 was a debacle. 
Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell are great actors, and Jon Favreau can direct.
However, the film suffered from flat dialogue and a Tony Stark that wasn't very likable.
It did not recapture the charm of the original and is an average sequel at best.

Then, THE AVENGERS was unleashed on the masses.
It was great, it tied in all the characters well and made an insane amount of money.
We knew there would be AVENGERS 2 (and obviously, 3).
So how many more times were we going to get to spend two hours with Tony Stark?

IRON MAN 3 is one more big adventure with our old wisecracking pal.
The action is great and the dialogue is snappy. 
Stark is funnier than ever and Pepper Potts' expanded story line is welcome.
It's the perfect follow-up to AVENGERS and could be the highest grossing film of 2013.

In my mind, I know that there will be an IRON MAN 4, but that's it.
At least for Robert Downey Jr., who is so iconic as the Iron Man, he is impossible to replace.
Looked what happened when they named Ben Affleck as the new Batman.
People freaked out over a character who has been played by 4 different actors, in 15 years.
I pity the actor who will step into the Mark 2020 Suit. 

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