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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dan's Discs-- NOW YOU SEE ME

NOW YOU SEE ME is an action/thriller that didn't have great action and wasn't very thrilling.
It also wasn't funny, which seemed impossible on paper, considering the cast.
Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and even the usually serious Mark Ruffalo, are all very good comedic actors. Plus, we've already seen great chemistry between Eisenberg and Harrelson in ZOMBIELAND, which is easily one of the best comedies in years. 

All of them, plus Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and M√©lanie Laurent, in a caper/heist film revolving around bank-robbing-magicians should have made for a great afternoon at the cinema. However, the film almost wholly abandons the jokes after the first fifteen minutes and goes down a rabbit hole of exposition, repetitive action and side story after side story, that are all there to tie-in to the big "surprise ending". Now I won't spoil it for you, but I trust that it won't be that shocking to anyone who made it through the first 100 minutes. Was it truly terrible, no, but it's boring to the core. There has already been news that a sequel will be made, but that is entirely box office driven. After all, movies that don't cost a lot, but make a lot are still what studios want most.

At least one funny thing happened as a result of this movie:
Jesse Eisenberg destroyed an ill-prepared (and for the record, embarrassingly bad) "reporter" during a press junket. She eventually went on TV to call him a bully and the video has almost a million hits, so I'm sure this was the best possible result for her. He was sharp and curt, but I for one was glad to see somebody who takes their career seriously and isn't there to sell his soul, hyping up a film that isn't that good. Check out the video below and form your own opinion, but it definitely made me like and respect Eisenberg, even more. I'll take great comedy as I can get it.

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