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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dan's Discs-- PACIFIC RIM and THE HEAT

It's Tuesday and we've got some new discs to discuss.

The world is in danger.
Whether it's Decepticons, Zombies, Aliens or Disease, at the movies, the Earth is always at risk.
In PACIFIC RIM, humans are forced to take actions against The Kaiju, a race of giant, scary, amphibious monsters that are invading Earth via an underwater portal.
These things are so mean they can only be killed with nuclear weapons . . . sometimes.
So the world pools their resources and invents Jaegers, giant robots that are controlled by human drivers via a brain linkage called "The Drift". 
Thankfully, we don't get to far into how the technology works, it's unimportant anyway. 
It's a movie that exists for the incredible action sequences, and the ho-hum story takes a back seat. And yes, the action sequences are impressive. PACIFIC RIM looks much better than TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN or TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON. I wouldn't go so far as to say that Guillermo del Toro is a better director than Michael Bay, but I think he is on his way up, with his best work still to come. PACIFIC RIM is good entertainment and left a lot of world to explore for possible sequels
I guess you should buy it if you want to see them.

Melissa McCarthy is straight up hilarious.
She is an unpredictable, fast and physical comedian that we rarely see any more.  
Throw in the great Sandra Bullock and about a hundred F-bombs and you've got one the best buddy-cop films of recent memory. The film is a showcase for the extreme comedic talents of both McCarthy and Bullock and they certainly deliver. 
It is directed by Paul Feig, who also directed BRIDESMAIDS. 
That film launched McCarthy's film career and now THE HEAT will shoot her even higher. 
She turns in a great performance and really carries a film that is relying on her charms.
I don't know if THE HEAT will be quoted forever, but it will make you laugh for a few hours. 
The jokes come fast and often. The audience was laughing so much that sometimes you miss the little "after shocks" that improv comedy does so well. 
The Blu Ray is full of extras and I can't wait to see the riffing continue.

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