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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

North/South Film All-Time Team: Football

Chris and I have assembled the best of the best from football movies.
Links will jump you to some great videos, so click away and enjoy,

The North/South Film All-Time Team


QB Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) - Any Given Sunday - Steamin is a perfect run n gun QB. 
Reno Hightower (Kurt Russell) - Best of Times - Endorsement deal for the white shoes.
Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves) - The Replacements - Doesn't live on a boat anymore.
Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves)- Point Break - Missed his window and looks just like Shane Falco.
RB  Gayle Sayers (Billy Dee Williams)- Brian’s Song - A real player is cheating though.
RB Wendell Brown (Eliel Swinto) - Varisty Blues - He’s got Grambling comin’ to see him!
Julian Washington (LL Cool J) - Any Given Sunday - Still a soft showboat.
Ernie Davis (Rob Brown)- The Express - Again, cheating, but he was a boss.
Boobie Miles (Derek Luke) - Friday Night Lights - God made Boobie beautiful. 
Gavin Grey (Dennis Quaid) - Everybody's All-American - Great while he still had it.

WR Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.)- Jerry Maguire - One WR to go across the middle.
WR Jimmy Sanderson (Bill Bellamy) - Any Given Sunday - And one WR to stretch the field
Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey) - Dazed and Confused - Calming clubhouse presence.
Charlie Tweeder (Scott Caan)- Varsity Blues - Welker type. Small, fast and hard to cover.
Phillip Elliot (Nick Nolte) - North Dallas Forty - Veteran who has done it all. Great hands.

TE Brian Murphy (David Denman)- The Replacements - Crowd noise doesn't rattle him.
(How many other movie tight ends are there? Clearly, the most unglamorous position.)

OL Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) - The Blind Side - Just too hard to resist a real life star.
OLBilly Bob (Ron Lester) - Varsity Blues - Numerous concussions, but I still give him a 10!
OL Louie Lastik (Ethan Suplee) - Remember the Titans - Great singer and dancer with size.
OLBud-Lite Kaminski (Abraham Benrubi) - The Program - Hard worker, keeps a second job.
OLManumana (Peter Tuiasosopo)- Necessary Roughness - 2 way superstar and a romantic.

DEFENSE:  (Like all the best Defensive Coordinators, we run a 3-4)

DL Julius Campbell (Wood Harris) - Remember The Titans - He's gonna get his.
DL Andre Krimm (Sinbad) - Necessary Roughness - Best sack dance in the league.
DL Ivory Christian (Lee Jackson) - Friday Night Lights - If you need a big stop, look no further.
Phillip Finch (Tab Thacker) - Wildcats - Multiple holdouts due to contract disputes.
Samson (Richard Kiel) - The Longest Yard - Broke a dude's neck with a clothesline. Nuff said.
Steve Lattimer (Andrew Bryniarski) - The Program - Lots of hazing and steroid incidents.

LB Booby Boucher (Adam Sandler) - The Waterboy - Best defensive player in league history. 
LBDaniel Bateman (Jon Favreau) - The Replacements - Lots of rage issues.
LB Luther "Shark" Lavay (Lawrence Taylor) - Any Given Sunday - Retired, but still shows up. 
LB Charles Jefferson (Forest Whitaker) - Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Flies in for games.
Becky “Icebox” O’Shea (Shawna Waldron) - Little Giants - Decided not to be a cheerleader.
Alvin Mack - The Program (Duane Davis) - Crazy trash talker. Kill 'em all!
Gary Bertier (Ryan Hurst) - Remember The Titans - Strong side! Left side! 

DB Stefen Djordjevic (Tom Cruise) - All the Right Moves - Still getting too many penalties.
DB Dr. Death (Vister Hayes) - Best of Times - Lots of problems with the new protection rules.
DB Trumaine (Wesley Snipes) - Wildcats - Will knock boots in his coach's house.
DB Spike (Sam Horrigan) - Little Giants - Skipped high school/college to turn pro at 13.
Petey Jones (Donald Faison) - Remember The Titans - Outplayed Ryan Gosling!
Brian Chavez (Jay Hernandez) - Friday Night Lights - Tries to be perfect every day. 

K Lucy Draper (Kathy Ireland) - Necessary Roughness - Early ‘90s Kathy Ireland? Sure.
P Derrick Wallace (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.)- The Waterboy - A one man special teams unit.
KR Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks)- Forrest Gump - Run! Forrest! Run! . . . Stop!
Practice Squad: Jamie O'Hara (Vince Vaughn) - Rudy - Could have made All-American . . .

Head Coach: Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino) - Any Given Sunday - Best pre-game speech ever.
Off. Coord.: Herman Boone (Denzel Washington)- Remember The Titans - Split veer time. 
Def. Coord.: Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight) - Varsity Blues - Ferocious/crazy like a fox.

Cheerleaders: Central High School - Wildcats - Nothing better than a great "your mama" chant.
Mascot: Texas State Armadillo - Necessary Roughness - Gotta love an armadillo with a gun.

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  1. What a great idea to make a football team combining the best players from each football movie that has done well on the screen. I would love to see a movie with the best football movie clips.