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Friday, January 17, 2014

North/South Film Awards Part I

Time to talk about all the best (and worst) from movies in 2013.
We've divided our awards into three parts and have over thirty categories to cover.
The links will jump you to related videos or articles.
So click away and enjoy!

Best Trailer

North: Gravity- Not only was it the best trailer of the year, it's one of the best in history. In 3D it was anxiety inducing. Isn't that the purpose of a trailer? ElysiumWorld War Z and The Great Gatsby all turned in nice trailers as well.

South: Gravity - Dan is right, just a great, great trailer. Also, The Wolf of Wall Street (Leo, Scorsese, Kanye. So good.) and the first The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer .

Best Poster

North: World War Z- Kinda of a cool takeoff on the classic JAWS poster. 
Best Non-Studio Poster goes to Man Of Steel (Mondo Poster by Martin Ansin)
I think it's official that artist prints have surpassed anything the studios put out.


South: Nebraska perfectly reflects the film's old-school/indie/off-kilter feel, Side Effects relays its premise extremely well, and with its instantly recognizable Disney glove and script, Escape from Tomorrow, is tremendously perverse, mysterious, and intriguing (unfortunately the film did not follow through). And though the movie does not come out until next year, this X-Men: Days of Future Past poster is fantastic.

Best Action Movie

North: Iron Man 3- Shane Black delivered. IM3 is easily one of the best movies in the Marvel series and if anybody thinks it's bad I guess they don't remember Iron Man 2. Condolences to Zack Snyder's action-extravaganza, Man Of Steel. The Krypton sequence in was incredible, but as a whole, the film was no match for Tony Stark and his suit collection.

South: I will second the praise of Iron Man 3. The 90s more than proved that Shane Black can do action and he clearly has not slipped in the years since. But I would also like to give a shout out to the recently released Lone Survivor (technically a 2013 film despite hitting theaters in 2014). The middle act of the film is essentially one, long, extremely well-shot action sequence worthy of praise.

Worst Action Movie

North: A Good Day To Die Hard- Nothing good to say about this movie, it's really bad from start to finish. I would have declared it a tie with G.I. Joe Retaliation, but the mountain fight was pretty awesome. I also saw Fast & Furious 6, which was so absurdly bad and unrealistic that I kind of enjoyed it.

South: After Earth - just a bad movie all around.

Best Comedy

North: This Is The End- Pretty damn funny in a really, really weak year for Comedies. The other movies that delivered with lots of laughs were The HeatThe Family and Girl Most Likely.

South: This Is The End - I agree with Dan, not great year for Comedy, but this one would have had me stitches no matter what year. The World's End and Nebraska (somewhat surprisingly) were also full of laughs.

Worst Comedy

North: Movie 43- Truly awful. Almost turned it off multiple times, but had to see how bad it could get. It's like they took a dozen rejected SNL sketches and made a movie out of them. Laughed once at Naomi Watts in the first sequence and then endured hell for the next ninety minutes. Brutal.

South: I really make it a point not to watch many bad films, especially comedies. I did not see Movie 43, The Hangover III, The Internship, Grown-Ups 2, or any others that people have been saying are really bad. So... I will go with one (or all) of those movies... that is my best non-answer for this category.

Best Sequel

North: Star Trek Into Darkness - 5 months ago this was my favorite movie of 2013. It couldn't hold onto the top spot, but it made my Top 5 and I still think it's better than Wrath Of Khan. I think J.J. Abrams has done an incredible job with his two Trek films and it gives me great confidence for him to be successful at reviving the Star Wars franchise.

South: Though I am really not sure if it is considered a sequel, but Richard Linklater's Before Midnight was truly great. And, Hunger Games: Catching Fire - I was not sold on this YA-book-series-turned-blockbuster-movie-series when it was first announced and it took me a while to watch the first film (which was good). But after this year's second effort, consider me a full-blown convert to the Hunger Games mania (Jennifer Lawrence's presence helps). Heck, I may even read the books.

Worst Sequel

North: The Hangover Part III- Almost sad to watch this. The Hangover was a fun comedy, but let's be honest, it's no classic. However, it made such ungodly amounts of money that they had to go back to the well for two sequels. Part II was a bad rehash, but this was just phoned-in and unwatchable. 

South: Same thing goes for this category as it did for Worst Comedy. I have no desire to see bad movies. Occasionally, I do (or am forced to), but I guess I just lucked out this year.

Best Soundtrack

North: Frances HaGood movie, great soundtrack. Shouts to Disney's Frozen for some great originals, like "Let It Go". To American Hustle's use of "I Feel Love", which is an absolute banger and mixtape staple for me and to Lana Del Rey for "Young and Beautiful" from The Great Gatsby.

South: Inside Llewyn Davis easily. The Broken Circle Breakdown, Frances HaThe Bling Ring, and Her are all great too, but the best musical moment goes to Spring Breakerspoolside cover of Britney Spears' "Everytime."

Best Score

North: Prisoners- Haunting. This movie was like going through a house of horrors. The further you got, the scarier it became and this score by Jóhann Jóhannsson added a lot to the terrifying ambiance.

South: All these are great: Clint Mansell for Stoker, Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett for Her, and finally, Dave Wingo for the double dip of Mud and Prince Avalanche (with Explosions in the Sky).

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