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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The first time I saw SPRING BREAKERS I left the theater dazed.
The film is a prolonged assault on your senses: sight, sound, logic, and taste.
When I say taste I mean decorum, although you can practically taste beer drenched motel rooms. 
That's just fine by me. I go to the movie theater to be entertained and have an experience. 
Nothing is worse than a ho-hum film where you know every single upcoming beat and have an hour and a half left. BREAKERS is exactly the opposite. It's ninety-four minutes of crazy.

Upon re-watching it, I still think it's a very shallow movie masquerading as some sort of commentary on the Youtube Generation. I also don't think it's a very empowering movie for the female gender. Sure, we see some women kicking-ass, but their naivety is often embarrassing. 
THELMA & LOUISE, this is not.

I had SPRING BREAKERS rated as a 2.5 out of 5, but it's gotten a half star bump because of the performance from James Franco. He was genuinely funny and the movie desperately needed his levity. I think Franco had some fun with his character and was given free range to go as far as he wanted. It's not elaborate or a tour de force, but it's wild. 

I truly don't understand the people who say this is a "think piece" or some sort of opus for director, Harmony Korine. Have they seen KIDS? We know he can make better films, that say a lot more about their subjects. Here, we get a half dozen montages of naked women being degraded, smiling the whole time. I understand they were going for irony, but it's never perfectly clear. Korine only gives the female characters two weapons: their sexuality and well, actual weapons.
It's a trashy film posing as art, not the reverse.

Anyway, it hits stores and Redboxes today. 
Pay your $1.28 and see if you really want to spring break forever.
I'm guessing you won't.

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  1. Good review Dan. The result of this movie is something that's equal parts enjoyable and uncomfortable. It is challenging, raw, gritty, sad and real, but worth a watch.