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Monday, July 8, 2013

Top 10 Best Movie/Video Game Combos--Part II: #10-6

Dan Here:

It's part two of a three-part series where I try to find the Best Movie and Video Game Combination.

Read Part I here, which contains all of the search criteria and the Combos that received Dishonorable Mentions.

We've already seen some great movies and some great games in Part I, but no great combos.

In order to make this Top 10 List, you had to be good, twice.

So let's lift the fake robo-wall like it's Video Armageddon!

The Top 10 Best Movie and Video Game Combo List:

#10. 'DuckTales: The Movie- Treasure Of The Lost Lamp' and "DuckTales" (Nintendo)

The first combo to make the Top 10 barely got in. I actually had to purchase and re-watch the movie before I could honestly include it. However, I will stand by the ranking because the game is easily one of the best NES games ever: connected levels, secret passages, better endings based on difficulty and amazingly great game-play. The movie delivers all of the fun from the television series. There are lots of good film references, including more than one homage to the Indiana Jones series. The movie may not be an all-time classic, but it was competent enough to surpass great game, bad film combos like Super Mario Brothers and sneak onto the list at #10. Note: They actually made DuckTales 2 for NES, which I have heard is even better, but it is super rare and very expensive. If anybody wants to send me a gift, head to Ebay and hook it up!

Movie: 50/100
Game: 100/100
Total Score: 150/200

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#9. 'Resident Evil' and "Resident Evil 2" (Playstation and N64)


Some would expect this to be higher on the list, but that thinking is all based on the quality of the games. The first installment of the film franchise is passable, but the series only got worse from there. However, director Paul W.S. Anderson (DEATH RACE, EVENT HORIZON) was the perfect fit for this series. He does hyper-violence in a tongue in cheek way that makes all of his films watchable. Perfect for a game series that terrified you while you played with all the lights off, but kept you interested in the intercuts. Had the film been better, this combo could have cracked the Top 5, but as we have seen, it's very difficult to make a great film based off a great game (cough, Street Fighter, cough).

Movie: 60/100
Game: 100/100
Total Score: 160/200

#8. 'The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers' and "LOTR: The Two Towers' (PS2)

A major film franchise getting a great game. What a novel concept. Play the Back To The Future games for thirty seconds and you will know what I mean. THE TWO TOWERS was easily my favorite film from Peter Jackson's series: it had action, a great cast and some of the best battle sequences ever filmed. The EA produced game was a great companion for it. Sure, the game is a lot of button pushing, but the graphics and story were awesome. Ever want to pick up an ax and take on a few thousand Orcs? Well this was your chance. My college roommate played this until his thumbs all but fell off, but like the films, you had to take a long journey for it to pay off.

Movie: 95/100
Game: 80/100
Total Score: 175/200

#7. 'Terminator 2' and "Terminator 2: The Arcade Game" (Arcade)

I will forever believe that TERMINATOR 2 is James Cameron's masterpiece.
Sure, TITANIC and AVATAR were bigger at the box-office, but since when does that matter?
Cameron puts on an incredible visual display and transformers the villain from the first film into the hero of the second. I don't know how many times I've seen this movie, but it's a lot and I never tire of it. The film has held up very well over time and proved that you can have a big-budget popcorn flick while some real substance. T2: The Arcade Game was one of the best arcade-shooters ever (however, my personal favorite will always be Lethal Enforcers). You were thrown in the middle of the battle for Earth and you had to blast those terminators like there was no tomorrow. In an innovative twist, they also digitized the actors from footage that was specially shot during the filming of the movie. They cranked out Terminator 2 adventure games for every home system and they even put the arcade game on consoles, but the were all abominable. The arcade-shooter is still the only Terminator game worth playing (not counting the T2 Pinball Machine, which is absolutely awesome).

Movie: 100/100
Game: 80/100
Total Score: 180/200

#6. 'Mortal Kombat' and "Mortal Kombat 2" (Arcade, Sega, SNES)

I hope you read that out loud and did your best impression of the famous song.
What can you say about the film except, "thank you".
It so awesomely bad that it's sneaky great. Classic lines like, "Your soul, is mine!", a kick ass title song and a ton of fun comedy make this a really solid flick. Guess who directed this gem? Yep, Paul W.S. Anderson made this Top 10 List twice. People who think this was unintentional comedy are just plain wrong. Anderson has a niche and this is probably his best film. As far as the game goes, you may say it's sacrilege not to give the nod to the original, but real gamers will tell you that Mortal Kombat 2 was far superior. More characters, better graphics and game-play and the ability to do complicated finishing moves. If you were in an arcade, the kids could actually do a "Fatality" were living legends. This video of every fatality (which I could never pull off) nearly brought a tear to my eye: 

Movie: 85/100
Game: 100/100
Total Score: 185/200

So That's The First Half Of The List!
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